Mother’s Day optimization…

For my last blog post, I would like to write about Mother’s day optimizations.

While online shopping is increasing everyday, retailers try to increase it more during special days like Mother’s day, Christmas etc. Optimization is needed more and more to achieve this, especially during these kinds of days. According to the Mother’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, the average person spends around $127 to buy a Mother’s Day gift. Hence, it has a big potential to increase profit.

I will try to list some of the ideas here:

-Searching keywords:

Since consumers will not just use their webpages to search, retailers should use appropriate keywords in their webpages to be reached from more general searches. Certain keywords will make a big difference on special days marketing. Temporarily expending keyword lists about gifts, gifts idea etc. during these days will give a chance to increase sales. For instance, 64% of Mother’s Day searches include “ideas”, “homemade”, “best”, “unique” and “cheap”.



-Optimization of voice traffic:

These special days are the busiest time for phone services also. It creates a need to optimize the voice channel usage. Call centers of online shopping and stores should consider these days separately and be ready for them. Using the previous years’ data, necessary information can be obtained to maximize the customer satisfaction and then the profit.

Generally, Erlang models are used to solve these issues.

An Erlang B Traffic model can be used to model blocked calls. Assumptions in this model:

Number of sources is infinite

  • Call arrival pattern is random
  • All blocked calls are cleared
  • Hold times are exponentially distributed

An Erlang C model can be used to find the number of agents needed for incoming call volume and the probability of delaying a call. Assumptions for this model:

  • Number of sources is infinite
  • Call arrival pattern is random
  • Blocked calls are delayed
  • Hold times are exponential distributed

-Optimization of cost and consumption strategies:

Traditional pricing systems do not have a way to reflect pricing strategies for special days. If they do not separate special days from others, there will be underestimation. For example, if they count Mother’s day as spring season, the store can underperform in terms of Mother’s day gifts. If a store has a promotion during these special days, it is important to understand the effects of that promotion on the whole store. Store managers should consider which type of customer would be happy with which kind of promotion. Scientific and data based promotion have a potential for produce more profit.

-The most important optimization:

Of course, do not forget to maximize the effects of words, which will make your mother feel like the best Mom in the entire world when you celebrate her Mother’s day.


Optimize on…




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